Inner Estuaries

by Suffering Astrid

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7th album


released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Suffering Astrid Warsaw, Poland

a project founded by Bruno Janiszewski (1992) in October 2010 in Mława, Poland.

other projects: Occurrences in Rain, Shimmering Waters, Robert Messner, Gwiazdy i Lęk; I also record under my real name

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Track Name: Unseized Suns
Silent victories
Wrought out of wasteland

Transience of things
See their permanence in nature

Coming to terms with unseized suns
See the triumph of the moment
Coming to terms with emotions not discovered
See the triumph of the moment
Cast travails into roaring waters

Inner landscape of memories and future inklings
Will be the frontier for furthering the path

Echoing of all times in the water's reflection

Poignant gentle wind of lonesome spirit
Abiding within sunset earth
Strange unfulfillment and yearning for more

This moment is the centre
The main event
The integrity of everything that's ever been
Track Name: Dark Blue Vault
Lights mingle
Night's stillness

Horizon stays horizon

No willingness to
See things in their

Full meaning is
Feeling no meaning

Water slumber

There are times when
No glimmer of things
Seems needed

And all voices just useless
I cannot find their aim
Just want everything to disperse
Track Name: Scattered Spots of Time
Bidding farewell
To the places where I left pieces of my spirit
Anchors of poignant bliss
Of moments already passed
That glitter in sunset glory
In memories that are shelters for future griefs

Trees singing parting rattles
And sunset wind moving the presences

Farewell walks
Red-sunken face of known surroundings
Where anticipations are never to be resolved

And their truth never to be deciphered
Though heart feels their aura
Discontinuing the unions
The noble partnership of energies

Where is the imaginary gleam
To reconcile the presences in my visions
And gather the scattered spots of time

And forward into
The unknown
Where heavens magnify their dreariness
Where heaven’s orb speaks of golden gleams
Of miracles
Track Name: Run, River, Run
Floats like heavens
Currents of the revolving spirit
Entangled with man’s fate
Flow of incessant energies
Moment eternal and inner brightness
Sinews of the Miraculous
And the necessary

Though redemptive and restorative
It has man’s history for nothing
Remembrance within change
Of the river’s constant flow
Struggle to stop the world
To preserve and persevere
To become the current,
The centre of All