Portrait of a Young Man as a Transcendentalist

by Suffering Astrid

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released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Suffering Astrid Warsaw, Poland

a project founded by Bruno Janiszewski (1992) in October 2010 in Mława, Poland.

other projects: Occurrences in Rain, Shimmering Waters, Robert Messner, Gwiazdy i Lęk; I also record under my real name

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Track Name: Beyond Solitude
unmediated light
facing the wind of things
with no guidance or company
mind not bothered
grown clarity
there’s nothing separating the stream and me
structure visible in its core
yet structure eternally vague
let me solitude see eveyrthing the way it is

humble reasonings in solitary vastness

now i can clearly see what's behind that life
i feel beyond myself
unmediated light and wind of things

once solitude has been known
and the mind has been turned toward noble reasonings
no longer any safety walls
the glorious yet tiresome chasm of truth
begins to sprawl and great struggle then commenes
unknown shapes and forms abound
standing on a plain of undramatized affairs
the pure nothingness of bright excellene of truth
Track Name: Integrity
proving the self inferior
to the life beyond

turning in, recognising world's true colours
engraving paradise in the mind

the sky opens the heavens
and i fall into its inifinitudes
with high morals and high beliefs
battleing for the sun

the sky opens the heavens
and i fall into its inifinitudes
with high morals and high beliefs
battleing for the sun
for god that is in everything
making my cause to be everything
noble state of things
their arrangement in the cosmic order
if time is right, i will finally reach the peak
and immerse ultimately into that
paradise that simply is and ever abides in everything
that is and at the same time does not exist

constant striving to don
laurel wreath
at moments of perceptible excellence
Track Name: Accessing Joy
now the time feels right

pure glimmer and mental landscape

shimmering in the wind -
droplets of sheer joy

i don't resist but
i'm also not forcing myself

balance white

a river runs through it

ancient correspondence
between all that has been

cascade of sun
showering water nearby

moving forward feels
refreshing and upward i float

creating space for boisterous senses